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How Can Spinal Rehabilitation Help Relieve Pain

Spinal rehabilitation refers to identifying the problems associated with the spine and take corrective measures to restore the optimal function. It basically uses a multidisciplinary approach that helps reduce pain so that people can regain their normal daily activities. The team that works behind identifying the issues and providing an apt solution consists of orthopedics, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and other specialists for pain management.

The spinal column is one of the most vital parts of the body that starts from the base of the skull and runs down to the buttocks. It comprises of 24 vertebrae and several intervertebral discs that work like shock absorbers. If any of these are impacted due to injury, that can result in different types of ailments, and hamper your overall mobility.

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Treatment for spinal column injury:

In a case of any injury in the spinal column, the most effective treatment is spinal rehabilitation. It can easily treat any kind of problems associated with the bones, muscles surrounding the bones and other collateral problems like radiating pain symptoms. The rehab program can turn out to be really effective when the spinal canal turns narrow in shape or the soft mid portion between the bones leak out.


Some common types of degenerative disc diseases are osteoarthritis or arthritis, and this is a condition when the bones become deformed due to wear-and-tear. This treatment can also prove to be beneficial for those suffering from irritation of the spine or joints, injuries sustained from sports, etc.

What is the method?

Spinal rehabilitation involves identifying the site of the injury and using different types of therapeutic techniques to relax the muscles and reduce the pain. This treatment helps regain vitality and functional motion. The common procedures for spinal rehabilitation include diagnostic testing such as nerve conduction tests, magnetic resonance imaging and so on. This is followed by a treatment program to decrease the pain and restore the mobility.

  • Orthopedic doctors will emphasize on using invasive or non-invasive methods such as surgery or therapy
  • The therapeutic methods will include heat or ice application, ultrasound, and other pain or inflammation-releasing solutions.
  • Chiropractors play a big an important role in spinal rehabilitation, and their treatment methods include treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal problems.
  • Physiotherapists try alternative healing solutions such as massage, acupuncture and other methods to relieve back pain.

Thus, spinal rehabilitation basically refers to healing spine and surrounding tissues using various treatment options to resume normal daily activities.

Spinal Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Treatments for Spinal Rehab

Spinal injury not only affects you physically but also impacts your entire life. You are unable to move around freely and more than often are dependent on others to get things done for you. Whether the spinal cord injury was brought about by accident, sporting injury, fall or an after effect of severe disease, you don’t need to live with that condition for the rest of your life.

The spinal cord injury might be due to total or partial severing, compression or crushing, tearing or overstretching, etc. This is not same as a broken back because in this case, you have one or more fracture in the vertebrae. It is not responsible for a spinal injury.

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How can you recover from spinal injuries?

Spinal Rehab offers one of the most effective methods to help you overcome the impact of spinal injury and reclaim your independence. The rehabilitation centers have a team of health experts, physiotherapists and doctors that work together to devise a customized program for the patient.

Depending on the severity of the spinal injury, some of the problems faced by the patients include muscle weakness or paralysis, loss of mobility and balance, loss of functional movement, pain, and poor posture. There are physiotherapy Surrey clinics that offer efficient and customized treatment for patients with different types of spinal issues.

Common Physiotherapy Treatments for Spinal Rehab

Spinal decompression is a modern and effective therapy that includes a non-surgical traction procedure to treat the stubborn pain in the lower back. The procedure is useful in relieving pain caused due to degenerative spinal discs, spinal disc herniation, and the facet joint syndromes.

Occupational therapy:

This is an effective mode of treatment that includes teaching and helping the patients with day-to-day activities to make them self-dependent. The program includes training on how to prepare a meal, take a bath, clean the house, and engage in different activities. The Occupational therapist offers training on how to help an individual use adaptive equipment to get back to normal activities.

Physical therapy:

This method treats the health issues caused due to sensory and motor impairments. The physical therapists help patients increase their endurance and strength. They reduce the spasticity, improve the coordination, manage the muscle activity in paralyzed limbs and get control over the bowel and bladder function.

Different types of exercises:

One of the most effective treatment methods used at spinal rehab in Surrey is helping patients become more involved in exercises. The stretching exercises can help in maintaining the tendon and muscle length. It decreases the muscle spasms and keeps the spasticity low. Daily exercises assist in improving the flexibility of the body, and it also strengthens the muscles throughout the body. Different types of balance and posture exercises can help alleviate the pain caused by balance impairment and poor posture.

Alternative treatments:

Physiotherapists may also include effective alternative treatments like registered massage therapy, acupuncture, and application of ice packs, etc. to relieve back pain. Acupuncture is Chinese method that includes making punctures in the skin using needles at specific points to manipulate the energy flow within the body. Using mild electric currents can also help improve the energy flow and alleviate the pain. Some physiotherapists will also recommend massage to help patients recover from their pain and lead a more comfortable life.

Massage Therapy - Spina Rehabilitation

At Pure Life Physiotherapy in Surrey, they have experienced staff that will design a suitable treatment plan for you comprising of the various methods mentioned above. The best spinal rehab centers will not offer you a pre-designed treatment plan, but they will listen to your health problems carefully and create a customized treatment plan to suit your unique requirements.