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Spinal-Rehab.com is a site that offers information regarding the spinal rehabilitation program, its different methods and uses. As we know it, the spinal rehabilitation program offers special care and treatment for adults whose life has changed due to spinal cord injuries. The biggest problem faced by such individuals is an inability to move with ease, and this greatly impacts their life.

At Spine-Rehab.com our main focus is to discover the treatments options available for people affected by spinal cord injuries. These programs are designed with care to improve functional abilities of patients so that they can enjoy a healthy and independent life. There are individualized treatment programs that are designed to help patients achieve their health goals.

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The spinal cord plays an important role in ensuring the efficient mobility in a person, and if any of the 24 vertebrae or the intervertebral discs is injured, it results in significantly impacting the overall health of the individuals. The spinal rehabilitation program offered at any health center is carried out by a team of specialists that comprise of massage therapists, orthopedics, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and pain management specialists.

  • The message therapists use deep tissue massage and other variations to help relieve the pain and aid you move about with ease.
  • Orthopedics will use treatment methods like surgery or therapy to provide an effective solution to the problem
  • Chiropractors are health care professionals responsible for diagnosis and treatment of the neuromuscular disorders.
  • Physiotherapists help those affected by injury or illness to regain their movement and function via exercise, advice, and therapy.
  • The specialists for pain management assist in providing solutions that can help reduce the pain caused by the spinal cord injury


The content on Spinal-Rehab.com is meant solely for information purpose, and this should not be considered as a medical solution, educational consultation, rehabilitation, or any form of legal advice. Treatment for individual people facing spinal cord injuries cannot be based on the information provided on this site. Each problem is unique and needs to be treated with utmost care. We suggest those suffering from spinal cord injuries to seek proper medical care immediately.